Coders World Cup Hackathon


“Startup Gate Summit 2021” is one of the unique African and Middle East startup scenes of its art, where young entrepreneurs, innovators, solvers, Investors, CEO’s of international firms and government officials, all together are crossing over in the state-of-the-art new technology trends from the IoT, Robotics, E-Commerce, Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence to Smart Cities .

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“Coders World Cup Hackathon ” is an international Hackathon dedicated to young project leaders, startups and developers to present a digital solution based on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Fintech, and E-Services with the aim of facilitating the follow-up and enrichment of services to keep pace with the events of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.. Selected teams will have 36 hours for non stop Coding to develop your final solution in presence and supervision of senior experts....

  • The types of projects accepted may be:
  • ✔ Cross Platform
  • ✔ Web Platform
  • ✔ Mobile Solution
  1. 1. You need to fulfil this application form (Answer questions below)
  2. 2. Presenting you mockup Design
  3. 3. Submit your idea details before November’20
  • The types of projects accepted may be:
  • Young entrepreneur, student or Startup, not over 30 years old
  • Registering on the StartupGateX platform by filling out the form below before November’20
  • Each team must not exceed 4 members and preferably include:
    • ➔ Front-end Developer
    • ➔ Back-End Developer
    • ➔ Data scientist or Database developer
    • ➔ Sales and Marketing Specialist

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